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Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed and stored on your computer, smartphone - or any other device designed for accessing the internet - when you visit a website.

 Different types of cookies have different functions. Cookies can enable an internet site to recognise you, log when you visit a particular page, provide a secure connection to a website and enhance your user experience by improving your browsing comfort and adapting the content of a page to your areas of interest.

Information stored by cookies, during a limited period of time, may relate to the particular webpages you have visited on your mobile device, advertisements you have clicked on, the type of browser you use, and the information you have provided to a website, or to your IP address.

Cookies do not enable your identification and they alone cannot identify who you are.
Notice of use of cookies on the Intese Sanpaolo Bank Web site is provided in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-2), which governs the rules regarding the use of cookies and similar technologies for storing data or accessing data stored on your computer or mobile device.

Below, we introduce you to the cookies that are being used on:

All of the above applies to both online and mobile versions.



1.    Necessary Cookies

These cookies ensure the operation of our website, therefore their use is necessary to enable you to browse our website. These cookies will be automatically deleted from your computer upon terminating your current session or closing your browser.

2.    Features Cookies

Features Cookies intend to collect website usage statistics without personally identifying individual visitors and used to customise our website to our visitors’ requirement.

We measure the number of visits, the number of pages viewed, the activity of the visitors on our website and how often visitors return.

Features cookies help us understand the behavior of visitors and improve the usability of our website.

To measure user-interaction, we use Google Analytics and Clicktale cookies. To learn more about Google Analytics cookies, we invite you to visit this website. Info about the Clicktale Cookies can be found here.

3.    Marketing Cookies

These cookies allow us to better understand your interests (namely by understanding your browsing activity on our website) and showing you personalized advertisements customized to your areas of interest.

Use of these cookies are based on your prior consent. Refusing these cookies has no impact on the use of our site.

Cookies sent by third parties (Google AdWords, Facebook) are used for the above purpose. These cookies allow the third parties to generate statistics and supply targeted advertisements when you navigate other sites. The use of these cookies is subject to the privacy policies of the third parties.

You can find further information regarding Google advertising cookies here. To make or change your choice regarding customized Google ads, please follow instruction of Google Ads Preferences Manager.

You can find further information regarding Facebook advertising cookies here.

Advertisements for our site may be shown on advertising space of third party sites. These advertisements are shown by partners of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank. These partners control the cookies sent from these advertising spaces.

You can find more detailed information on cookies that we are using on our web site in this document (.pdf).



You will always be able to block cookies in your browser settings. You may also, depending on the type of browser you have, configure your settings to block on certain types of cookie, or cookies from certain sources, or to notify you each time a new cookie is about to be stored on your computer, so you can then accept or reject it. For details on what your browser offers and how to configure your browser according to your choices, please go to the “Settings” menu or other dedicated section of your internet browser. 

Some examples:

Depending on your browser, you can also activate the private browsing mode or choose the "Do Not Track" setting in your browser.

Please note that certain cookies aim at improving your browsing experience on our site, and others allow you to access some secure areas (namely your CIB Online bank account). If you decide to block all of the cookies by the settings of your internet browser, you will only continue to be able to visit the public areas of our websites and will no longer have access to any secure areas. You may also experience delays to your browsing experience of public areas.

Please note that in case your computer is used by more than one person or has multiple internet browsers, it is possible that some of your choices relating to cookies may not be permanent because you are either using a different browser or a third party has changed the settings of your browser.  We are unable to prevent these external factors and therefore cannot guarantee the permanence of the choices you make.

Please note also, that preventing the use of cookies on your computer does not eliminate the advertisements displayed on the content you consult online. Your refusal only blocks customization of these advertisements to your interests as inferred from your browsing activity.


Where can you get more information about cookies?

To learn more about all types of cookies, not just those used on our site, we invite you to visit: Youronlinechoices, founded by the European Interactive Federation for Digital Advertising (EDAA).

If you need more information about Intesa Sanpaolo Bank cookies, you can send us a question via email: info@intesasanpaolobank.si.

More detailed information on the processing of personal data is available in the document General information on the protection of personal data (.pdf document in Slovenian language).


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