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Digital package

Package combines banking services you use most often at a very affordable price. It's intended for new customers & can be concluded online.

Take advantage of special offer and use it 1 year for free!

It offers everything you need

Unlimited withdrawals at ATMs

Unlimited withdrawals at ATMs of our group and other banks.

Unlimited number of payments

You can make unlimited number of payments via mobile and online bank.

Digital banking

It includes use of the latest online and mobile banking.

Digital package includes all the services that are most important to you:

  • personal transaction account management *,
  • managing a Activa Visa Inspire debit card account,
  • use of online and mobile banking,
  • free cash withdrawals with a debit card at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank ATMs in Slovenia and abroad,
  • free cash withdrawals with a debit card at ATMs of other banks in Slovenia and in the euro area,
  • basic overdraft in the amount of EUR 250 (possibility of approving the basic overdraft up to the amount of EUR 5,000) **,
  • payment orders in euros up to EUR 50,000 via online and mobile banking***,
  • SMS security package,
  •  the ability to use Apple Pay.

The price of the Digital package is 2.99 EUR / month. If you conclude the package by December 31 2021 you will use it for free for the first 12 months!

The package is intended for new customers and can only be concluded online.

* A transaction account is intended for active use (receipt of inflows, execution of payment transactions and other purposes related to the provision of banking services) and not only for the storage of money.

** You need to visit the branch to obtain basic overdraft.

*** Included are payment orders to another bank, payment orders to transaction accounts opened with our bank and cross-border payments in EUR.

Conditions for opening the Digital package online

You can open the Digital package and a personal transaction account online if you meet the following conditions:

  • citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia, with permanent residence in the Republic of Slovenia,
  • age 18 years,
  • Slovenian tax resident,
  • submit documentation that enables the identification of the user on the basis of regulations, including the provisions of regulations in the field of prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing or submit an official and valid identity document accompanied by a biometric photograph,
  • transfer of regular monthly income to a transaction account opened with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank,
  • you have an open transaction account with another Slovenian bank from which you will make the first transfer (in accordance with Articles 26 and 27 of ZPPDFF-1). You will obtain the transfer information in the process of opening an account online. The amount of the transfer is arbitrary and may not exceed EUR 15,000.00.
Key steps in the process of concluding the Digital package online
Before starting the procedure prepare: a valid ID card or passport, tax number, mobile phone to which you will receive an SMS message for registration and signing of documents, a webcam with a microphone and speakers, which is necessary to perform video identification.

In less than 15 minutes, you will be able to safely conclude a banking package right from the comfort of your home. Your identification will be carried out by a short video call with our operator.
1. Registration
Create your account or sign in with your Facebook or Google account.
2. Video identification
Your identity will be verified with a short video call.
3. Documentation signage
You will sign it with a code that you will receive via SMS.
4.Application activation
Download mobile bank from online store and follow the instructions.

Choose most favorable package

Get the Digital package and use selected banking services for free for 12 months.
Open package
debit card Activa Visa Inspire
Using an Activa Visa Inspire card
  • With the card, you have at your disposal the funds on your transaction or personal account.
  • Pay with your mobile phone by using mobile wallet Wave2Pay or Apple Pay.
  • With the Activa Visa Inspire debit card, you can withdraw money free of charge at over 9,000 ATMs of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group in many countries (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Egypt, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine).
  • Make unlimited cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks in Slovenia and in the euro area.
Discover more
Banking made easy
mobile banking
Banking made easy
Manage most of your banking services with the mobile app Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.
Check your bank account balance and transaction history at all times.
Free of charge, easiest and fastest way to pay your bills using a QR scanner.
Use smart notifications to be informed of everything important about your finances.
Enjoy the newest banking services

Get to know our new mobile bank, which provides you with a great user experience. Provide banking services quickly, easily and transparently.

Diploma Package

Conclude Digital Package

Follow the instructions and open the package completely online and use it for free for 12 months!
Restrictions on operating a personal transaction account opened online

Operations on a personal transaction account opened online are limited to the amount of EUR 15,000 inclusive. If you receive or execute a payment transaction higher than EUR 15,000 on a personal transaction account opened online or if the total daily amount of executed or received payment transactions is higher than EUR 15,000, the bank will refuse the execution of an individual payment order or payment transactions. If you want to do business with a personal transaction account opened online without restrictions, you must contact the bank branch and perform identification or in-depth review, in accordance with applicable anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations.

Do you need help?

We are here for you.

Look for appropriate contact number:

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Contact center
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

  •     Calling from Slovenia: 080 13 18
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 838

Service center for card business – 24 h

  •     Calling from Slovenia:  05 66 61 256
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 256

Real estate sale: 00386 5 66 610 10

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