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Super Combination

Choose a combination of savings deposits and investments in a mutual fund. You can achieve a high level of safety while also earning higher returns.

Special offer is valid until October 31st 2020.

Why is the Super Combination a winning combination

High level of safety and higher returns

It offers you a high level of safety and potentially higher returns

A more favourable deposit rate

The deposit is remunerated at a more favourable interest rate

No entry fee

There is no subscription fee for the funds

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Optimal choice

The Super Combination is the optimal choice for you if you have a slight surplus of available resources that you won’t need for a while and you want to diversify your savings. The combination of savings deposit and investments in a mutual fund makes your investment more secure, while still enabling potentially higher returns than just the savings deposit.

You can request it at all the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank branch offices or via online bank Banka IN.

What should you know about the Super Combination?

  • Super Combination is an investment in a savings deposit and a mutual fund. The ratio between them is equivalent to: 50% of funds for savings deposit and 50% for mutual funds.
  • You can make a deposit for 6 or 12 months and you will be remunerated at a more favourable interest rate. Interest rate for 6 months deposit is 1,50% and for 12 months 1,20 %.
  • You pay a single amount into the fund (at least 5,000 EUR).
  • You can choose from recognized Eurizon mutual funds.
  • The funds vary depending on the expected return and the level of risk, so anybody can find a fund optimally tailored to their needs.
  • If you wish for the funds to be paid up during the term of the deposit agreement, the deposit interest rate is reduced.

Izkoristite posebno ponudbo

Ob vplačilu Super kombinacije prejmete bistveno ugodnejšo obrestno mero na depozit v primerjavi z redno ponudbo:



Vplačilo v sklad


6 mesecev


12 mesecev

Minimalni znesek vplačila

Način vplačila (minimalni znesek)

Vstopna provizija za sklade

Super kombinacija

Super kombinacija

Enkratno vplačilo v sklade*

1,50 % letna obrestna mera


Redna ponudba:

0,01 % letna obrestna mera

1,20 % letna obrestna mera


Redna ponudba:

0,05 % letna obrestna mera

5.000 EUR


2.500 EUR v depozit vezan za 6 mesecev in 2.500 EUR v sklade


2.500 EUR v depozit vezan za 12 mesecev in 2.500 EUR v sklade

Brez provizije


* Ponudba ne velja za sklad EF Azioni Strategia Flessibile RL.
Maksimalni znesek vplačila v Super kombinacijo je 200.000 EUR.
Akcija traja do 31. 10. 2020.

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