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Umbrella Pension Fund Moj Steber

Choose an additional pension insurance and get an additional pension.

Benefits of the Umbrella Pension Fund Moj Steber

Different Sub-Funds

There are three Sub-Funds available for different age groups.

Two modes of insurance

Choose between individual and collective pension insurance.

The bank guarantees payments

Guaranteed net premiums in the Sub-Fund Moj Steber Guaranteed.

Select your Sub-Fund
Umbrella Pension Fund Moj Steber has three Sub-Funds intended for different age groups:
Moj Steber Guaranteed
For clients aged 55 years or more.
Moj Steber Balanced
For clients aged between 40 and 55 years.
Moj Steber Dynamic
For clients aged 40 years or less.

Investment structure and return

See the current investment structure (.pdf) by type and geographic structure and the return of each sub-fund (.pdf) for the last five financial years and on the accounting day.

Choose between two types of pension insurance:
Individual pension insurance

Individual pension insurance

  • Any natural person who is an insured person or a beneficiary of rights from compulsory pension insurance can join the individual pension insurance and pay the insurance premiums independently.
  • Individual insurance completes the collective supplementary pension insurance, under which the employer co-finances a part of the premium.
  • Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is liable in respect of its entire assets to repay the paid-up capital sums and the guaranteed return of the Moj Steber Guaranteed Sub-Fund.
Collective pension insurance

Collective pension insurance

  • Natural persons can join the collective supplementary pension insurance through their employer, who fully or partially finances their premiums.
  • A company creates a collective pension scheme for its employees.
  • A company that joins the supplementary pension scheme receives additional tax benefits.
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