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MOJA Activa Visa

The prepaid MOJA Activa Visa card is not linked to a personal transaction account. It allows even more secure purchases because you can only spend as much money as you deposit to it.

Advantages of the card

Even safer to use

The card is not linked to a personal account, for more security.

Spending limit

You determine the amount you can spend on purchases with the card.

Ideal for online shopping

Broadly accepted and offers even more security.

prepaid card MOJA Activa Visa
Using a prepaid MOJA Activa Visa card
  • In your payments, you can only spend as much as you have deposited to your prepaid account, and the payment amount is immediately settled from the funds on the card.
  • It allows for secure online payments with the Verified by Visa service.
  • Ideal for young people over 15 who keep their pocket money on the card.

What is good to know about the MOJA Activa Visa prepaid card?

  • The card is valid for 4 years. A one-time fee is paid for its issuance.
  • The MOJA Activa Visa prepaid card is a debit payment card. This means that you are charged daily for card payments or on the day of transaction, which allows you to easily and transparently manage your funds.
  • You can deposit funds to your card account at any time, via various banking channels (eg. online or mobile banking).
  • It enables cashless payment for goods and services at points of sale via POS terminals marked Activa or Visa, online purchases and cash withdrawals at ATMs and counters of other banks marked with the Visa logo.
  • Because it is not tied to a transaction account, it enables you even safer online shopping, as well as high protection against loss, theft or misuse of the card. The loss is limited to pre-loaded funds on the card account only.
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It allows you to make secure online payments:

It can be used at all webstores equipped with the Activa and Verified by Visa signs. Using the Verified by Visa system eliminates security concerns about online transactions with a payment card.

The simplest way to confirm online payments is with the help of the mobile bank, using the built-in #withKEY function. It allows you to generate a one-time password for signing payment transactions.
Online purchase authentication is also possible with a payment card reader, with which you create a unique personal number.


If you notice that you are missing your payment card, report it missing immediately. Loss or theft of the card should be reported:

  • by calling the telephone number +386 5 666 12 56 or
  • at your nearest branch office.

You can report your card stolen or lost 24 hours a day, all days of the year. If you suspect that your card was stolen, report it to the nearest police station. Report all payment cards stolen or lost as soon as possible to reduce the risk of abuse.

visa benefits

Check out the benefits for Visa card users

When paying with your Visa card, selected special offers in Slovenia and abroad are available to you.
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