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Car insurance

Take care of your vehicle. Take out car insurance which will bring you several discounts and benefits.

Car insurance benefits

Up to 30% discount just for you

Collect points for discounts and benefits with the Generali ZAME app.

Frozen bonus

In case of a traffic accident, you will not lose the acquired bonus.

Family discount

Up to 55% savings for all family members.

Hands on the wheel

Travelling safely

Motor liability insurance is compulsory car insurance that is aimed at covering material and non-material damage that you inadvertently cause with your vehicle to third parties and their property. Every vehicle owner must have such insurance. 

Comprehensive car insurance will ensure your financial security, as any damage to your vehicle will not be covered from your own funds. You can opt for different scopes of coverage and deductibles, thus tailoring the insurance policy to your needs and financial capabilities.

Driver and passenger insurance

The selected supplementary car insurance provides insurance to the driver who causes an accident, additional comprehensive coverages or 24/7 assistance on the road at home and abroad, even at a time that is most inconvenient.

Driver's bodily injury insurance

Driver's bodily injury insurance

Since compulsory motor liability insurance does not cover the driver’s injuries, you are recommended to secure your own safety. The Plus motor liability coverage (AO Plus) gives you as the driver the right to indemnity for your own bodily injuries, where you have caused a traffic accident.

Driver and passenger accident insurance

Driver and passenger accident insurance

Accident insurance provides indemnity in the event of the death or disability of the driver and other passengers in your car.

Partial comprehensive insurance

Partial comprehensive insurance

You can opt for partial comprehensive insurance when you take out motor liability insurance. This type of insurance is intended for vehicle owners who assess that full coverage car insurance is no longer sensible due to decreased vehicle value. It is also intended for drivers who seek increased security against the risks to which their vehicle is most often exposed due to high vehicle value. Partial comprehensive insurance coverage against hail, theft, damage to parked cars or glass, lights and mirrors, for example, can be added to full-coverage comprehensive or motor liability insurance.

You can choose from various combinations and packages that match your activities, exposures and life style. If you decide on partial comprehensive insurance cover, the latter will not affect the loss of bonus in case of an accident.

Young driver insurance

The insurance is intended for drivers who have had their driver’s licence for less than 3 years. Drivers with less than 3 years of driving experience may take out the stand-alone insurance called My First Car Policy, which is tied to the inexperienced driver rather than to the car. This type of insurance provides coverage to a young driver driving one or more cars (of their parents, grandparents, friends, etc.)

You can choose between two covers – limited and extended.

Limited coverage

Limited coverage

You can choose this option if you rent out cars with motor liability insurance taken out with the GENERALI insurance company.

Extended coverage

Extended coverage

You can choose this option if:

  • you rent out cars with motor liability insurance taken out with GENERALI or some other insurance company;
  • you drive your own car and have no fee against increased risk in your motor liability insurance policy taken out with GENERALI or some other insurance company;
  • you rent out cars and/or drive your own car with motor liability insurance taken out with GENERALI or some other insurance company and comprehensive car insurance taken out with the GENERALI insurance company;
  • you rent out cars and/or drive your own car with motor liability insurance or comprehensive car insurance taken out with GENERALI or some other insurance company.

Discounts and benefits

Discount or benefit Description of benefit Motor liability insurance and AO Plus
Bonus You can acquire a 5% lower premium for every year in which you have no damage. up to 55 %
No damage Additional discount for a driver who had no damage in the past two years. YES
Frozen bonus In case of a traffic accident, you will not lose the bonus you have acquired. YES
Package discount Discount with respect to the number of other insurance policies taken out with the Generali insurance company (for legal entities and sole proprietors). up to 26 %
Generali ZAME discount (for natural persons) The description of the benefits provided under the GENERALI “Benefits for Me Programme” is available at Generali ZAME. up to 30 %
Family discount

The family discount yields savings for the entire family, as all family members receive, upon taking out a policy, a discount up to the amount of the highest bonus obtained by one of the family members.
In addition to passenger vehicles, it is also possible to include in an insurance package motor camping vehicles and goods vehicles with a load capacity of up to 2 tonnes which are owned by a natural person.
The family discount can be arranged at any Bank branch.

up to 55 %
Cash discount Discount for immediate cash payment. 2 %
Discount for the disabled Discount for a disabled driver. 10 %
Payment by instalment with no surcharge In the event of payment through a standing payment order or e-invoice, you can pay the insurance premium by instalments without a surcharge. YES
My First Car Policy This policy provides safe driving with any car to drivers who have less than 3 years of driving experience, as the policy is made to the driver’s name rather than to a specific car. The bonus acquired under this policy can be transferred to a car insurance taken out with the GENERALI insurance company when you buy your own car, which will yield additional savings. up to 20% bonus (applicable to motor liability, AO Plus and full-coverage comprehensive car insurance)

What to do if you need assistance on the road?

What to do if you need assistance on the road?

In case of an accident, first secure the place of the accident and see to those injured. Maintain a calm method of communication and a positive attitude to the situation at hand. If you intend to claim car assistance, first call the Assistance Centre at the phone number:

080 88 48 when calling from Slovenia or +386 5 66 28 500 when calling from abroad.

Tell the consultant your location and describe the circumstances of the case. The Assistance Centre will organise the best type and scope of assistance based on all data acquired. Before you make the call, you are not permitted to act alone, except in exceptional cases. You must follow the instructions provided by the Assistance Centre, otherwise the insurance company will not be held responsible for the damage incurred as a result.

How to report damage online?

How to report damage online?

You can report damage through the simple interactive questionnaire ELECTRONIC DAMAGE REPORT where ever you are (at the place of accident, at work, at home, abroad, etc.).

By completing the online questionnaire, you can entirely avoid completing the damage report form at the insurance company, easily monitor the course of resolution and shorten the time to resolve your case due to targeted questions.

Before you start completing the electronic damage report, you are kindly asked to prepare the data you will need in the following steps:

  • tax number,
  • valid email address,
  • data about the accident.

After you complete the online form, you can have the damage to your car repaired by one of the Generali approved repairers and arrange everything in one place – appraisal and damage repair. Check out the list and damage repair procedure at Generali approved repairers.

What to do in accident involving a foreigner?

What to do in accident involving a foreigner?

Complete the European Accident Statement and call the police. When you come home, you can file a claim for damages with your insurance company. Your insurance company and the insurance company of the other participant will handle the report thereafter. More information is available at the link.

For assistance call the International Damages Service or send an email to gc.si@generali.com.

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