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Contactless payments with Apple Pay

Forget your wallet. Pay with you iPhone.
We are offering you this service as the first slovenian bank.

What are the benefits?

Swap your wallet for your phone

Start paying with your iPhone, which is always at your hand.

Service availability

You can pay with mobile at any store offering contactless payments

Easy, quick, and safe

Mobile payment is quick, easy, and completely safe.

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Apple Pay

Enjoy the benefits of Apple Pay, a service which lets you make quick, easy, and safe payments in stores, on websites, and in apps. To clients of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in Slovenia we offer this service for the Activia Visa Inspire debit card and Activa Mastercard (classic an gold card).

Simply activate the Apple Wallet app and start making your payments with your iPhone, Apple Watch, or other Apple device. Next time you go shopping or on a night out, you can leave your wallet behind.

Why pay with Apple Pay?
a mobile phone with an Apple Pay app
Why pay with Apple Pay?
Apple Pay mobile contactless payment allows you to make purchases with your Activia Visa Inspire debit card and Activa Mastercard.
It is a quick, easy, and safe payment method, as your phone never leaves your hands while making a purchase.
You can use it on different Apple devices: iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad and Mac.
You can download and use the mobile app free of charge.
opening an account online

You can become our customer by going online!

The service is available to our customers. If you are not our customer, we kindly invite you to become one.
How to start using Apple Pay?
By following a few simple steps.
Activate your Apple Wal
It is a built-in app on mobile phones with iOS operating system.
Add your card
Open the app and add your card.
Adding your card
Scan your card and insert the date of expiry and CVV code of your card
Obtaining the code
Chose the option of obtaining the verification code via SMS.
Start using the app
After inserting verification code you can start using the app.
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