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Every life story is unique. That is why you need life insurance that can be adjusted to your life and helps protect those who are most important to you.

Why do you need life insurance?

Insurance protects you and your family

You can choose the coverage that you and your family really need.

It covers unexpected medical expenses

Consultation with a doctor when needed & fast access to specialists.

It provides freedom and carefreeness

Focus on your important tasks, without worrying too much about risks.

Why take out life insurance MOJ ŽIVLJENJSKI KASKO?

  • High protection coverage with an adjustable sum insured for the event of death, sickness, accident and unemployment.
  • Choice of coverage as needed at different stages of life.
  • No fee for a 30% increase of the sum assured on death for a period of four months for persons up to 45 years of age in case of major life events.
  • Lower premium for a healthy lifestyle (you are a non-smoker, of good health and adequate weight, you do not have a dangerous job and do not perform dangerous activities, etc.).
  • A wide range of critical illnesses and multiple payouts. Insurance coverage includes pre-invasive cancer (carcinoma in situ).
  • Fast access to diagnosis and treatment by Specialists with Assistance. The services of Second Medical Opinion and Halo Doktor (Hello Doctor) are also included.
  • Accident annuity and high financial protection in the event of an accident.
  • The option to change the amount and type of coverage if life circumstances change.
For our loved ones

For our loved ones

Life insurance is the most popular form of insurance to protect our loved ones. In other words: life insurance is a necessity for anyone with a partner or children.

It is a tool that protects your loved ones from the potentially devastating financial consequences that can arise if you die (too) early. Life insurance is an expression of care and responsibility towards loved ones.

Insurance coverage

With life insurance MOJ ŽIVLJENJSKI KASKO , you can choose the coverage you and your family really need.

Insurance coverage Description of benefits
Payment in the event of death

High protection coverage in the event of death. In the event of your death, the benefit is paid to your beneficiary. Your loved ones will be able to use the money to pay off loans, send children to school and cover everyday living expenses.

The sum insured in the event of death can be determined based on the needs identified at the time the insurance is taken out, so it is the highest in the first year of the insurance and adjusted according to the identified needs in all future years. The final sum insured is at least equal to the amount of the death benefit payable to the estate.

If your life circumstances change before you reach the age of 45 (marriage, taking out a new loan, promotion, birth of a child), your sum assured on death will be increased by 30% for four months free of charge.

Permanent disability

If you are seriously injured and become partially or totally disabled, the insurance company can help you adapt to your new situation by paying up to 300% of the sum assured.

Additional coverage can be added, depending on your needs and life situation.

Specialists with Assistance

Specialists with Assistance provide assistance services to guide you through the treatment process and the following coverage:

  • Halo Doktor – an immediate video call (usually within 15 minutes) or a telephone consultation (at the agreed time) with a GP or a family doctor.
  • Specialist therapies and complex diagnostic tests, with no limitation on the number, price and lists of medical services, only up to the annual sum insured (fast access to specialists, usually within 10 days).
  • Second medical opinion by established doctors abroad to help you dispel any doubts about your diagnosis or recommended therapy. Your immediate family members are also eligible.
  • Preventive check-ups and tests to keep you healthy (for people aged 15 and over).
  • Rehabilitation, including: a plan of treatment, physiotherapy and psychological support.
  • Operations (with or without overnight stay), with a choice of a narrower or wider package of cover.
  • “White prescription” medicines prescribed by a doctor as part of a specialist examination, test or procedure.

Additional coverage can be added, depending on your needs and life situation.

Preventive health service: includes various DNA analyses with personalised advice and prevention recommendations.

Payment for treatment

If you suffer from a serious illness (cancer, stroke, heart attack, etc.), the payout helps you to get therapy or adapt to a changed lifestyle. Your children aged 1 to 20 are also covered for free for certain critical illnesses.
If you develop a cardiovascular disease, cancer, a disease with permanent consequences or a serious injury, the insurance company will pay you a lump sum benefit (90% immediately and 10% at the end of this coverage) once the disease has been diagnosed. Pre-invasive cancers are also included in the Cancer group (15% of the agreed sum insured is paid). You can receive payments for different disease groups up to four times. A child critical illness rider is also possible for your children from 1 to 20 years of age for certain conditions, free of charge.

•    Myocardial infarction (heart attack)
•    Coronary artery bypass surgery
•    Heart valve surgery
•    Aortic surgery
•    Stroke
•    Coronary angioplasty
•    Primary pulmonary hypertension
•    Aplastic anaemia
•    Cancer
•    Pre-invasive cancer (carcinoma in situ)
•    Benign brain tumour

•    Blindness
•    Major burns
•    Paralysis
•    Head injury
•    Tuberculosis
•    Typhus
•    Renal failure
•    Major organ transplant
•    Multiple sclerosis
•    Coma
•    HIV
•    Alzheimer’s disease
•    Parkinson’s disease
•    Acute viral encephalitis
•    Bacterial meningitis
•    Primary pulmonary hypertension
•    Aplastic anaemia

Health annuity In the event of a critical illness (except for pre-invasive cancer), the agreed medical annuity is paid every month (for up to 10 years). During the term of the add-on insurance, the health annuity coverage can be used up to three times. In the event of your death, the insurance company will pay the same annuity to the beneficiary for the remainder of the term. That way, you can focus on your recovery.
Accident annuity

In case of severe consequences due to an injury, the agreed monthly annuity is paid based on the degree of permanent disability.
•    Accident annuity for over 50% permanent disability

If an accident injury is permanent and your disability is assessed at more than 50%, the agreed monthly annuity is paid for up to 20 years.
•    Accident annuity for over 25% to 50% permanent disability

If an accident injury is permanent and your disability is assessed at more than 25% to 50%, the agreed monthly annuity is paid for up to 20 years.
If accident annuity payments start in one of the above cases, the coverage for the other remains in force. Both accident annuities can be inherited – in the event of death, the beneficiary will be receiving the same annuity for the remainder of the term.

Additional coverage can be added, depending on your needs and life situation.

  • Bone fracture: the insurance company pays the benefit according to the percentage shown in the Bone Fracture Table.
  • Daily allowance: compensation for when you cannot do your job due to an accident.
  • Hospitalisation daily allowance: payment for each day spent in the hospital due to an accident.
  • Exemption from premium payment in case of permanent disability: in case of permanent disability, you are exempt from further premium payments (does not apply to Specialists with Assistance coverage).
  • Accidental death: the insurance company pays the sum of the death benefit and the accidental death benefit to the beneficiary.
  • Death in a car accident: if you die as a result of a car accident within 1 year of the accident, the insurance company will additionally pay the beneficiary the benefit for death in a car accident.

What to do when something happens to you?

What to do when something happens to you?

If an event covered by the insurance occurs, you or your loved ones should contact the insurance company as soon as possible.
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