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Flik instant payments

Flik is an instant payment that enables free transfer of funds to the personal transaction account with a mobile phone at any time, in a few seconds.

What are the benefits of Flik?

Broad applicability

The service works between Flik users of all Slovenian banks.

Swap your wallet for your phone

Start paying with your smart phone, which is always at your hand.

Enables different types of payment

Pay using a mobile number or e-mail address, free of charge.

a young couple with a bike on the street transfers money via mobile phone


Flik is an instant payment that you make in your mobile bank immediately, anytime, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The recipient of the transfer, who is a Flik user, will receive your funds within a few seconds, regardless at which Slovenian bank he or she has a transaction account and regardless of the banks' business hours. It works on Android and iOS operating systems.

Flik is a Slovenian payment scheme for immediate payments and is available to clients of Slovenian banks that have joined this scheme. Among them is also Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

Payment to another person

Payment to another person

Flik is available to our clients within our mobile bank. It allows you to instantly transfer funds to a personal transaction account, via a mobile phone number or e-mail address stored in your mobile phone directory, without entering the recipient's transaction account number, free of charge.
It is only important that both the payer and the recipient of the transfer are users of the Flik service, within any mobile application of any bank in Slovenia that is a member of the Flik national payment scheme.

Payment at the point of sale

Payment at the point of sale

With Flik, ​​you can also pay at points of sale that enable this service.

  • How? Flik users at the point of sale simply scan the QR code from the POS terminal by clicking on Flik pay on the entry screen of your mobile bank. When the payment information is displayed, confirm it and authorize the transaction.
  • Where? You can pay at points of sale marked with the Flik sign.
How to start using Flik?
Flik is available for users of mobile bank.
You choose mobile number or e-mail for receiving an activation code.
Enter the code that you've received by SMS or e-mail.
You can start making payments (by using mobile number or e-mail).
* Important:
To use Flik refresh your mobile bank (in just a few seconds).
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