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Borrower insurance

Ensure your credit obligations and ensure the financial security of your loved ones.

Three good reasons for your credit insurance

Selected packages

Packages to cover a variety of unexpected events.

Flexible insurance

For newly approved loans or loans already in repayment.

Affordable premiums

Monthly premium payments.

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All worries aside

When taking out a consumer or home loan, or even later, during repayment, it is a good idea to consider insuring your credit obligations against a variety of unforeseen events.

  • If you are in the process of taking out a loan, it is best to insure your entire credit obligation.
  • If it has been a while since you took out your loan and have partly repaid it, you can insure only the part of your outstanding liabilities.

Our counsellors will assist you in finding the right insurance for you.

Benefits of life insurance for borrowers

It is intended for borrowers who are responsible and want to take care of the financial security of themselves and their dependents (eg. family members) in case of an unforeseen event. The following advantages will convince you to conclude it:

  • More favorable premium compared to other forms of life insurance.
  • When an insured event occurs, ie. in case of an unforeseen event, the nearest or the dependent persons are not additionally financially burdened, as the liability is assumed by the insurance company after the insurance has been taken out.
  • You take out insurance when you take out a loan and arrange everything in one place and save time.
  • One or more borrowers can be insured.
  • The insurance premium is independent of the age, gender and weight of the insured.
  • You can pay the premium in a lump sum or opt for a monthly payment.
  • The insurance is valid worldwide.


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Choose your insurance coverage
  • Basic Package: for the event of death or permanent total incapacity for work
  • Medium Package: for the event of death or critical illness
  • Death Risk Package: for the event of death only
  • Plus Package: for the event of death, permanent total incapacity for work, temporary total incapacity for work or unemployment
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