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Safe Online: Cryptocurrency Scams

Check how to protect yourself from these types of scams.

Are you getting calls from random phone numbers posing as employees of well-known cryptocurrency exchanges? Are you assured that you (or your company) have funds in the amount of several thousand euros waiting for you in the virtual wallet? The promise of incredible earning potential tempts many. Unfortunately, online fraudsters use this to their advantage, urging users, usually in broken Slovenian, to pay out cryptocurrencies.

The required condition for disbursing these funds is the installation of a remote access program (Anydesk or TeamViewer) on a computer, mobile phone or tablet. With the help of this, the perpetrators then manage your device, enter the online or mobile bank and steal all the funds available in the account. So far in 2023, Slovenians have lost more than 5.1 million euros in cryptocurrency investment scams!

How do you protect yourself from these types of scams?

  • Do not answer unknown phone calls from abroad.
  • Since it can also be fake Slovenian phone numbers, if you receive a call with offers to earn money with cryptocurrencies, disconnect immediately.
  • Do not install remote access programs on your computer or phone. (In the workplace, allow remote access to the computer only to known and verified people with whom you work in business, and this is an established practice.)
  • Do not allow anyone to control your computer or phone.
  • Do not allow anyone to access your online or mobile bank.

Scammers can be very persistent and call you several days in a row from different phone numbers, especially if you have ever answered their call. If they fail in their intention, they can also be very offensive. It is best to ignore them as they usually stop calling after a few days.

For more information, visit the Varni na internetu website.

We wish you safe business!

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