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Gold cards with deferred payment

The gold Activa Visa and Activa Mastercard cards allow you secure and simple deferred payment without interest and they offer additional benefits.

Advantages of the cards

Deferred payment

Your obligations are settled once a month, without interest.

Payment in installments

You can divide your purchase in 2-24 installments without interest.

Accident Insurance

Holders of both cards are also insured against accidents.

Activa Mastercard gold card
Using the gold Activa Mastercard
  • Your obligations are settled once a month (on the 8th, 18th or 28th of the month), without interest.
  • Allows you to make secure online payments with the Mastercard SecureCode service.
  • Traffic and usage can be monitored through online and mobile banks.
  • You can pay with your mobile phone using Google Pay.
Activa Visa gold card
Using the gold Activa Visa card
  • As of April 15, 2024, the bank will stop offering and marketing the Activa Visa payment card with deferred payment.

Payment in installments

With the charge card Activa Mastercard or Activa Visa with installment functionality, you can also pay in installments, both in physical stores and online, at home and abroad.

  • You can divide the purchase into a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 24 installments.
  • You can pay for purchases from 80 EUR in installments (minimum installment is 40 EUR).
  • Payment in installments is without interest, but each installment is calculated in accordance with the valid price list.

To use this functionality, visit our nearest branch.

How to pay in installments?

  • Make a purchase like any other payment card purchase in physical stores or online. No additional negotiation with the dealer is required.
  • After the purchase, you will receive an SMS message to which you will respond by 24:00 on the day of purchase. Write the desired number of instellments in the message. (If you do not respond to the message, you settle the purchase in full in one installment, as if it were a regular deferred purchase.)
  • The process is complete when you receive a return SMS confirming your purchase.
Manage your cards anytime, anywhere
screenshot card details mobile banking
Manage your cards anytime, anywhere
Access your cards and other banking services with the mobile app Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.
Check the details of your cards and the history of your transactions.
Block your card in case of loss or theft.
Receive and monitor your monthly statements.

insurance for accident


As an Activa Mastercard and Activa Visa cardholder, you are insured for accidence with GENERALI zavarovalnici d.d. against any accident that may occur to you at any time, anywhere and which may result in death or permanent loss of general working capacity (disability), by the sum of:

  •     accidental death: 2,045.00 EUR,
  •     permanent disability due to accident: 4,090.00 EUR.
order an appointment

Do you wish to order a card?

Visit one of our branch offices. However, you must be creditworthy to be issued the card.

The cards allow you to make secure online payments:

The cards can be used at all webstores equipped with the Visa and Mastercard signs, respectively. Usage of services Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode eliminates security concerns about online transactions with a payment card.

The simplest way to confirm online payments is with the help of the mobile bank, using the built-in #withKEY function. It allows you to generate a one-time password for signing payment transactions.
Online purchase authentication is also possible with a payment card reader, with which you create a unique personal number.


If you notice that you are missing your payment card, report it missing immediately. Loss or theft of the card should be reported:

  • by calling the telephone number +386 5 666 12 56 or
  • at your nearest branch office.

You can report your card stolen or lost 24 hours a day, all days of the year. If you suspect that your card was stolen, report it to the nearest police station. Report all payment cards stolen or lost as soon as possible to reduce the risk of abuse.

mobile wallet Wave2Pay, Apple Pay

Pay with your mobile phone

Activate Google Pay or Apple Pay (for Mastercard Gold) and pay contactless using your mobile phone.
cards benefits

Benefits for you

Check the benefits for card users, which are available to you when paying with your Visa or Mastercard, in Slovenia and abroad.

Do you need help?

We are here for you.

Look for appropriate contact number:

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Contact center
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

  •     Calling from Slovenia: 080 13 18
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 838

Service center for card business – 24 h

  •     Calling from Slovenia:  05 66 61 256
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 256

Real estate sale: 00386 5 66 610 10