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Take care of your online security

Learn more on how to protect yourself from the most common online scams and traps.

It is crucial to be informed

At Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, we are well aware of information risks, which is why we use state-of-the-art technologies to ensure a high level of security in electronic communications with customers.

It is very important that you are aware that abuses are possible, that you know the dangers that await you in e-commerce, and above all that you know how to protect yourself from them.

Take care of password security

  • Use complex and diverse passwords for different accounts.
  • Change your passwords every few months.
  • Do not share your passwords with others.
  • Use a secure computer with antivirus programs that protect your data and passwords, and a secure Internet connection.

Concern for the security of passwords and personal data is the basis of secure digital business. Also read the nine golden rules of how to avoid or. significantly reduce the likelihood of abuse.


Recognize online scams

Social engineering is the most commonly used technique in cases of misuse of personal data. The fraudster can address you through various channels and, under the pretext that he needs money for noble purposes, tries to persuade you to share confidential personal financial or security information with him.

  • Do not respond to emails requesting your personal and payment card information.
  • Do not open attachments or links in suspicious emails (links want to direct you to a fake website or fake email address to collect personal and financial information).

Learn also about other types of online scams.

Careful with online shopping

Online shopping for speed, ease and convenience represents a new milestone in shopping. However, it is important to:

  • Choose reliable and well-known online stores (do not use links obtained via email or social networks).
  • Explore the online store where you are ordering for the first time.
  • Pay with cards only if you have a secure internet connection.
  • Not send card information by e-mail or other communication services (WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, SMS ...).

Read more recommendations for safe online shopping.

Handle bank cards carefully

We usually pay online with cards. Please note the following:

  • Do not enter your payment card number wherever you are asked to do so, but only when you have already decided to make a purchase and actually want to pay with a payment card.
  • Pay online only to those providers that you know are credible, secure, and have security protections in place on their websites.
  • Make sure your computer is well protected against intrusions, abuse, and malware.

Also read the recommendations for the safe use of cards at points of sale and ATMs.


How to recognize communication comming from the bank?

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank communicates regularly with its customers by email or telephone, but will NEVER request via these channels:

  • sensitive data (personal data, password, PIN code, etc.),
  • data for access to direct banking services and authorizations,
  • transaction account data (account number, limit, balance, etc.),
  • PIN numbers for card user authentication and authorization of payment transactions,
  • execution of payment transactions or entry of data related to transaction accounts and payment cards through applications that are not official applications of the Bank,
  • re-authentications/authorizations required for the continued use of a blocked digital banking or transaction account (you enter such data directly into banking platforms, but do not provide it by e-mail or telephone).

Datum objave: 21. 4. 2021


If you suspect or experience unusual things happening on your computer that could be related to a scam, stop using the computer and consult a computer service technician.
However, if you notice anything unusual only while using online or mobile banking, immediately stop communication and close the browser or application and inform us about it by e-mail info@intesasanpaolobank.si or call us immediately on the toll-free telephone number 080 13 18.

Do you need help?

We are here for you.

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Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Contact center
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  •     Calling from Slovenia: 080 13 18
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 838

Service center for card business – 24 h

  •     Calling from Slovenia:  05 66 61 256
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 256

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