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Smart Login

Access into Internet Banking, just in a lightspeed, without the need to enter each time your Username.

Login inside your Internet Banking has never been so quick! After enter for the first time your Username and #withKEY password, the Smart Login screen appears and by selecting "Activate", the next time you login to the desktop application, only the PIN or biometric data will be required.

You can activate the Smart Login feature, while your are accessing inside your desktop application. A dedicated screen will invite you to proceed with the activation and reduce the time for the next accesses.



#withKEY: the safer way to access inside your online banking.

Thanks to #withKEY, your password for online banking is always at hand! You don't need to remember any code and for an always better security, #withKEY will generate each time a different number, available for maximum 1 minute.

You can find #withKEY on the prelogin screen of your Mobile App.

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Apple pay

A new era of payments: experience a faster and easier way to make purchases, without the need of your cards.

All what you need is your Apple devices: Apple watch, Apple smartphone, Tablet... Then, all your payments will be performed in a lightspeed!

Apple pay is a third-party feature, integrated with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Mobile App. Start to use it, just by activating your Apple Wallet, add your Activa Visa Inspire debit card or other cards and enjoy a new payment experience!

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Remote Offer

Tailor-made proposals are waiting only for you: discover new products or services without the need to go in the branch!

Your Relationship Manager will propose the best solutions for you directly inside your platforms and once chosen the proposal that fit your needs, you can contract it directly online, in just few and simple steps. In addition, in any cases you can always chat with your branch managers and request his support to finalize the process.

My proposal area is available inside your Mobile or Internet Banking platform. In the Mobile, once clicked on the menu, you will find it in the horizontal option. In the Internet Banking instead, it is placed immediately in the Dashboard near the logout. However, different widgets could appear in the dashboard or in other dedicated area, based on the proposed product, with the aim to promote it to you.

Discover smart services


Sign your contracts online without the need to print and bring to the branch any documents.

#withSIGN has the same legal validity as an handwritten signature, it promotes a fully paperless banking and thanks to it, all your online sales applications are now possible!

#withSIGN is one of the main digital feature: it will be promoted at the first access inside your Mobile Banking, however, you can activate it whenever you want, directly inside the Settings area.

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Join #withPAY community and start to pay your contacts, in a few seconds, without the need to insert IBAN, but just using their mobile phone number.

Quick payments thanks to #withPAY! The main benefit of this great functionality is the possibility to transfer or receive money in a lightspeed among contacts already registered to the feature.

You can find #withPAY from the Pre-login area of your Mobile Banking or directly inside the dedicated menu item, present under “Payments” option.

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Advisory Service

Activate Advisory Service and be supported by a Bank’s online advisor in investing your money to realize your dreams.

Investments is one of the most interesting service of the Banks, but at the same time, for a lot of people, also the most complex. Advisory Service from Intesa Sanpaolo Bank has the aim to boost the investments and give the possibility to everyone to start investing, in total security, thanks to a dedicated professional online advisor at your disposal.

Investments is a dedicated menu item present in both Mobile and Internet Banking. There, you will find Advisory Service feature, together with My Portfolio, Funds Explorer and much more!

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My Shopping Window

My Shopping Window is composed by two areas: the Highlights and the Product Catalog. Inside the Highlights, you will find all the products in focus and active campaign for you; instead the Product Catalog is split in categories and it contains all the services and products of the Bank.

This area gives to all the customers the possibility to discover and be always updated regarding the available products and services. In addition, in case of products sellable online, you can start immediately the process from there.

My Shopping Window is a dedicated menu item present in both Mobile and Internet Banking.

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Perform instant payments quickly and safely

Pay instantly, at any time, with Flik! Flik payment is a free of charge service and it allows you to pay instantly at your merchant stores, transfer money to another person or easily pay at online platforms.

This feature is available inside the Menu, under "Payments" area or directly from the pre-login area, without even the need to login inside the App.

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Virtual card

Generate your Virtual card and protect your real one during online purchases!

Thanks to this feature, you can easily generate your Virtual card, selecting the validity you need, one time or temporarily usage and enjoy your online shopping experience, preventing the risks of lose money and then the run to block your card.

Virtual card is available inside the Menu of your Mobile banking, under Cards area.

Get a new product or service

Unsercured Loan

Contract your unsecured loan directly from your Mobile or Internet Banking!

Realize your dreams, faster than ever! Request and contract your unsecured loan fully online, without the need to go in branch! Thanks to a simple and intuitive user experience, finalize the process will be really easier, interactive and less time consuming!

Start your online contracting experience from My Shopping window area or directly from the dedicated widget available inside My Loan section.

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How to start using your Digital Services
Step 1
Discover more about our new online and mobile banking. They are available for our customers who want to enjoy a new way of banking.

More information
Step 2
If you are already a customer, start your Digital migration online with Banka IN or do it in your branch.

List of branches
Step 3
When in the branch, prepare your personal documents and follow few steps on the signature pad.
Step 4
Activate your Digital Banking app and enjoy a new banking experience.
We are introducing a new way of banking
Become our customer without visiting a branch and get to know the innovative banking experience.
Step 1
Discover our Digital package for all new customers who can contract it online and want to enjoy a new way of banking.

Check it out!
Step 2
If you are a new customer, you can proceed fully online, without visiting the branch, so let's continue!
Step 3
Prepare your personal documents, your mobile phone and contract Digital Banking in just a few simple steps.
Step 4
Activate your Digital Banking mobile app and enjoy a new banking experience.
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