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Children’s account

The free account is intended for children up to the age of 15 and gives them the first experience of money management.

Why open an account for your child?

Free account

Managing a children’s account is free of charge.

Managing a children’s account is free of

A child gets a free debit card to make cash withdrawals and payments.

Easy access to your account

With online or mobile banking you can access your child’s account.


For newborns

Support their dreams today. Until your child's first birthday, you can take advantage of one of the benefits valid from February 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024:

  • Upon opening a free transaction account in the name of your child, the bank will transfer EUR 20 to it.
  • If you enter into a savings plan in mutual funds in the name of your child, the bank will give you a deposit in the selected fund in the amount of EUR 40.*


What should I know about the children’s account?

  • A child from age 6 years on can get a free Activa Visa Inspire debit card.
  • With the free Activa Visa Inspire debit card, you can withdraw money and check your account balance at the Intesa Sanpaolo ATMs (in Slovenia and abroad), free of charge.
  • Parents or guardians can access your child’s transaction account personal account and manage the funds in their account through your online and mobile bank.
  • You can set up debit card notifications via SMS.
  • You can receive monthly statements on the balance and transactions on the child's account electronically, in your online bank or by e-mail.
  • The funds in the children’s transaction or personal account are guaranteed up to EUR 100,000.
Open an account for your child with Intesa Sanpaolo Bank
Visit our nearest branch office and make all the necessary arrangements quickly.
Step 1
Visit your nearest Intesa Sanpaolo Bank branch office.

Branch office locations
Step 2
Provide a valid photo ID and your tax number.
Step 3
Provide your chils ID with photo, birth certificate and tax number.
Step 4
Start using the account.
Do you need help?

We are here for you.

Look for appropriate contact number:

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Contact center
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

  •     Calling from Slovenia: 080 13 18
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 838

Service center for card business – 24 h

  •     Calling from Slovenia:  05 66 61 256
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 256

Real estate sale: 00386 5 66 610 10