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Contactless payments with Google Pay

Pay for daily purchases with your Android mobile phone and benefit from fast contactless mobile payments.

We are the first among Slovenian banks to offer this service.

Discover its benefits


Pay with your Android phone, which you always have with you.


Payments with the Activa Visa Inspire & Activa Mastercard virtual card


Mobile payments are fast and completely secure.

Google Pay


Google Pay is now available to Activa Mastercard (classic and gold) card holders. The service relies on NFC technology for contactless payments.

Download the Google Wallet mobile app, add your Activa Mastercard with deferred payment and pay contactlessly with your mobile phone.

Why pay with Google Pay?


  • fast payment – just hold your mobile phone close to the POS terminal,
  • no PIN number is required,
  • use in apps and on websites: at checkout, look for the Google Pay button.


  • high level of payment security,
  • the app uses NFC technology for contactless payments,
  • your phone stays in your hands and under your control at all times during the payment process,
  • your card details are protected and are never shared with the retailer,
  • you cannot be charged twice, even if you tap the POS terminal twice with your mobile phone,
  • to use Google Pay, you must set up a screen lock on your mobile phone,
  • if you turn off screen lock, Google Pay will remove your virtual account number from your mobile phone for security reasons, 
  • if you lose your mobile phone or it is stolen, please inform the Bank immediately.


  • Google Pay is accepted at millions of places around the world.
Simplify your payments with Google Pay
a mobile phone with an Apple Pay app
Simplify your payments with Google Pay
You can make convenient contactless mobile payments with your Activa Visa Inspire and Activa Mastercard cards.
A fast, easy and secure way to pay, as your phone stays in your hands & under your control at all times during the payment process.
You can use it on mobile phones with Android system.
The mobile app and its use are free.
opening an account online

Become our client online!

The service is available to our clients. If you are not one yet, we invite you to become one. Check out our offer!
How to add a card and start using Google Pay?
The process is simple and takes just a few steps to complete.
Install the app
Find the Google Wallet app in the Google Play store and install it on your Android phone.
Add a card
Open the app and add the card you want.
How to add a card
You enter your card manually.
Getting ready to use
The next step is to confirm your identity. Once confirmed, the app is ready to use.
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