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Savings scheme

Find out how small monthly payments can generate significant savings in the long run.

Conclude savings scheme without entrance fee until 30 September 2024!

Why should you choose Savings scheme?

Little and often

Save from 40 EUR a month.

Higher returns, large selection of funds

Potentially higher returns compared to traditional forms of saving.

Without a time limit

You can withdraw your funds any time.

nagradna igra

Prize game

Compete for attractive prizes:

  • 1 x Apple Watch Series 9 GPS smart watch,
  • 2 x Apple AirPods 2 wireless headphones.


  • Make a savings plan and fill out the online form
  • or send a letter to the bank's address.
    Read more in the Rules of the prize game (pdf.). The prize game lasts until 30/6/2024.


Why is savings scheme the right choice for you?

Savings scheme is a simple form of saving that allows you to invest in mutual funds on a monthly basis. It is especially suitable for achieving long-term savings goals such as: saving for the purchase of real estate, additional pension, saving for the needs of children in the future or for unforeseen life situations.

With regular monthly payments to your savings plan, you can save gradually and efficiently for your goals.

  • You can save from 40 EUR / month.
  • Funds in mutual funds are not tied up, so you can withdraw them at any time.
  • You can deposit additional funds at any time.
  • Monthly payments provide more optimal average purchase values ​​of units.
  • Payments to the funds are free of entry costs *.
  • There are no exit costs.

Choose the amount you will save each month in one or more recognized Eurizon mutual funds. This way of saving is less risky than one-time payments into funds and at the same time you enrich your savings with it.

* The campaign without entry costs is valid until 30 September 2024 for payments to all Eurizon Fund, Eurizon Manager Selection Fund and Epsilon Fund.

For old age

For old age

With savings schem, long-term and diversified investments in funds will enable you to save money for additional pension. Diversified investments make sure that your assets are safer. The money is also not tied during saving and is always available to you.

For the baby

For the baby

We all want to give our children the best possible future. With savings scheme, you can immediately start growing your assets in mutual funds and ensure that your child can get the desired education, buy their first car or make any other wishes come true.

For health

For health

Money cannot buy health. But regular monthly growing of assets in mutual funds can save you some of the money you might need for a better quality healthcare.

For larger purchases

For larger purchases

You almost certainly have some secret desire that you cannot fulfil at this moment. With small investments starting at as little as 40 EUR, you can grow your assets by saving in funds and raise money to achieve your objectives in the long run.

For growing of funds

For growing of funds

As part of savings scheme, our financial experts will invest your monthly savings in recognized Eurizon mutual funds. The funds have received numerous international awards. Their quality is constantly monitored by the independent agency Morningstar.

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