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Cyber attacks

Know, learn and prevent. Discover all the cyber attacks and be ready to react to them!

It is important to be informed, let’s prevent online frauds together!

  • Always with you: 24 hours available to answer you and clarify your doubts.
  • How to spot a scam? Follow our advices and you won’t become a victim.
  • Always transparent: Reminder: the Bank will never ask you to share personal data.


Learn how to protect yourself and your personal data

Bear in mind all the recommendations that we are presenting you, before making any online activities.


Cyber security

What is Cyber Security and why is it so important?

Cyber Security represents an area related to IT security with the aim to defend systems and people from attacks made by cyber criminals who try to steal personal data, money and information.

The number of Cyber attacks with significant impacts has more than doubled in the last 5 years, and, in particular, in the last 2 years due to Covid-19 crisis which dramatically changed the life of billions of customers.
1871 serious attacks in the public domain have been registered in 2020 only.

In terms of percentage, there has been an increase in cyber attacks globally, that is equal to 12% in 2020 compared to 2019, and with a +66% compared to 2017.



Coping with Cyber attacks

How can companies win against cyber attacks?

  • Companies can start to hire skilled professionals in Cyber security.
  • Big entities like Banks have to make customers aware about the fact that they take care of customers Digital security and never request them to share personal information via SMS, email or other channels.
  • All the businesses have to give importance to their direct contact support (Chatbot, Chat, Contact us) in order to address Customers to use them in case of doubts or needs.
  • Companies have to inform customers about online banking scams by sharing concrete examples with them.

How Customers can avoid Cyber attacks? What to do and what not to do. Some best practices:


  • Always check the origin of communication you receive.
  • Pay attention to details and check grammatical errors in the text that you receive.
  • Contact the bank to request a confirmation that the communication has been sent by their operators.
  • Install antivirus on your computer with anti-phishing functions.


  • Never offer your personal data and if data are requested, do not reply.
  • Never click on links sent to you and do not download attachments and images from an SMS.
  • Never reply to SMS requesting your PIN or password.
  • Do not transfer money to another account on demand. The Bank will never ask you to do this.

How many kinds of Cyber attacks are there?

There are different type of Cyber attacks: even if they function in an always different way, their goal is clear and the first step to prevent and overcome them is to know all the different typologies:

Online frauds:

  • Phishing
  • Vishing
  • Smishing

These are the main ways for online criminals to steal personal information.

Online scams:

  • the Investment Scam
  • the CEO Scam
  • the Sentimental Scam,
  • the Online Shopping Scam,
  • Money Muling

Discover all the others in a dedicated page.

The aim of these online scams is to attack the economics of individuals and business entities. 

online scams

How to defend yourself against online scams?

Read more about cyber security.
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