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Mutual funds

Discover the best solutions to grow your money at the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

Why should you grow your money in funds?

Higher returns

An investment can give you higher returns at a given level of risk.

Dispersion and security

Dispersion of assets enables greater security of investment funds.


Paid-up funds are not tied and are always available if required.


Savings scheme

Find out how small monthly payments can generate significant savings in the long run.
  • Save from 40 EUR a month.
  • Potentially higher returns compared to traditional forms of saving.
  • You can withdraw your funds any time.
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Super Combination

Choose a combination of savings deposits and investments in a mutual fund. You can achieve a high level of safety while also earning higher returns.
  • The deposit pays you a better rate of interest.
  • A balance between security and opportunities to grow your wealth.
  • There is no entry commission when paying into a fund.
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One time investments

For investors who are willing to take on some level of risk for higher returns with the possibility to achieve potentially higher returns.
  • Funds can give you higher returns at some risk
  • You are advised by experienced financial professionals
  • You invest in trusted and award-winning funds
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Customised investment advisory

Successful achievement of financial goals starts with a conversation.
  • Counselling and monitoring of investments tailored to your needs.
  • Monitoring of portfolio adequacy based on your financial profile.
  • You can contact your consultant via several communication channels.
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Umbrella Pension Fund Moj Steber

Choose a voluntary pension insurance and get an additional pension.
  • There are three Sub-Funds available for different age groups.
  • Choose between individual and collective pension insurance.
  • Guaranteed net premiums in the Sub-Fund Moj Steber Guaranteed.
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