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In tune with Stefan Milenkovic

In our podcast, the world-renowned violinist talks about his music, his collaborations – and fronting the new Banca Intesa ad campaign.


The world-famous musician is fronting Banca Intesa’s new advertising campaign.

In this episode, Stefan joins head of PR and Marketing Communications at Banca Intesa Sandra Lazarević to discuss celebrity collaborations, shared values and his career in music.


By the time he was 14 he’d performed for a president and a pope. Since then he’s become an internationally sought-after soloist. Now Stefan Milenkovic, one of the foremost violinists of our era, features in Banca Intesa’s new multimedia advertising campaign. 

“It is not something you choose to do, it really chooses you,” he says of his art on the latest Intesa Sanpaolo talks podcast. “I was born into a musical family. When I was three years old, I accepted the violin into my life and I have never stopped since.”

The multimedia campaign is the result of an inspired collaboration between the bank and the artist. In it, Stefan is featured showing the bank’s new technological innovations to customers. He’s pleased with the results. 

"When you embark on such a journey – and you are brave enough and creative enough to think about this kind of relationship – and it is a success, I feel we can absolutely boast about it. Because it’s not easy in any sense. These are two very different worlds that have managed to connect because they share similar values."

Stefan Milenković, svetovno priznani violinist

Indeed, according to Banca Intesa’s head of PR and marketing Communications Sandra Lazarević, Stefan was chosen to front the campaign because of their shared beliefs.

"We share the same values – such as integrity, responsibility, transparency – that I found in Stefan. Our relationship is human."

Sandra Lazarević, head of PR and Marketing Communications, Banca Intesa

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