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A little inattention can turn the holidays into a nightmare - just as the careless use of the internet can turn your life around. 

Children and teens are the ones who find it hardest to identify many of the online threats, as they are still unaware of them.

As their lives are increasingly connected to the internet and to new devices, it is even more important to raise awareness of the dangers they can face.

In Slovenia, these activities are performed by the Varni internet (Safe Internet) Institute, which the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank will again financially support this year with the money normally intended for business presents.



This year, the Bank has stepped up its cyber security awareness activities. As part of the project Financial Literacy for Young People, which we have been running since 2017 together with the Turin Savings Museum, we have also organised workshops on this topic for primary school students with the Bank's cyber security experts. 




These educational workshops are led by Intesa Sanpaolo Bank employees, trained ambassadors who introduce the risks associated with using the Internet (e.g. the confidentiality of passwords, downloading applications, online shopping, etc.) in a personalised and entertaining way. 

Around 500 pupils from 10 primary schools in various regions took part in the workshops this year.


opis projekta varni internet

The Safe Internet Institute also raises awareness about the importance of the safe and effective use of the internet, both at work and in learning, as well as in leisure and communication, through various educational programmes. 

They successfully work with more than 130 primary and secondary schools across Slovenia, as well as other public institutions and businesses.   

"We provide valuable knowledge about the safe, responsible and effective use of the internet, without which life in today's society is virtually unimaginable," they say.


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