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With regular monthly payments make a long-planned wish come true or secure a contingency reserve.

Why is it wise to save money?

Adjustable amount of payments

You can always adjust the amount of payments. The minimum is 25 EUR.

Conclusion through Banka IN

Conclude it easily through the online or mobile Banka IN.

Safe and guaranteed

The funds saved are secure (included in the deposit guarantee scheme).

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A smart choice

If you have at least some money to set aside every month, make the decision to save it. Use the saved amount to make a big wish come true, or use it to make a contingency reserve for unforeseen expenses and avoid thoughtless spending of your money.

A savings agreement may be concluded through the online and mobile banking platforms, through the Infotel service, or in person at our nearest branch office.

What should I know about saving?

In instalment saving, you make monthly deposits in the agreed amount to your savings account. The bank saves these amounts for you until your saving is completed, and then, deposits them, with interest, to your transaction account.

  • You can save your funds in euros; the interest rate is fixed.
  • The amount of your payments can be adjusted according to your funds available. The minimum payment amount is 25 EUR.
  • The easiest way to make your deposits is with a standing order.
  • Along with your regular monthly payments, you can make additional payments to your savings account.
  • You can conclude a savings agreement for a 12-, 24- or a 36-month period.
  • The funds saved are secure as savings of up to 100,000 EUR are included in the deposit guarantee scheme.
  • Exceptionally, a savings term may be terminated early. The conditions for early termination of the agreement are negotiated at the time of conclusion of the agreement.
Conclude a savings agreement straight from your smartphone or computer.
Mobile Bank Savings Review
Conclude a savings agreement straight from your smartphone or computer.
The savings agreement may be concluded through the online or mobile banking.
The process is quick and simple and it can be done wholly without visiting the bank. The agreement is signed digitally.
Banka IN allows you to have an overview of your savings at any time.
If you do not choose to have standing orders, you can easily make your payments via online and mobile banking.
Do you need help?

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Intesa Sanpaolo Bank Contact center
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

  •     Calling from Slovenia: 080 13 18
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 838

Service center for card business – 24 h

  •     Calling from Slovenia:  05 66 61 256
  •     Calling from abroad: 00386 5 66 61 256

Real estate sale: 00386 5 66 610 10

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