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History and development

Predominantly coastal once, and an all-Slovenian bank today, with an international footprint.

History and development

The bank through time

The development of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is the development of the economic area as well as the social one, in which we operate from our beginnings on the local level and all the way to the formation into one of the central Slovenian banking institutions. The area used to occupy the coastal region primarily, but today it occupies the whole Slovenia.
The story of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is also the story of a constant search for better and more modern banking solutions, from the first smart payment card to the first online video chat bank and the first digital wallet in Slovenia.

New business centre in Ljubljana

Developing advanced customer solutions

Intesa Sanpaolo Bank is the leading bank in Slovenia in the development of mobile and other advanced services. As the first in the country, it launched some key advanced services which later affected the broader financial, economic and social areas in Slovenia and the changes to the users’ purchasing habits.

2017: Digital signature of documents in the mobile bank for the conclusion of loans, savings and payments into mutual funds, without a visit to a branch

2016: The Wave2Pay mobile wallet for contactless card payment at points of sale using a mobile phone

2015: Mobile phone and QR code cashless payment at points of sale (instant payments) and quick money transfer between mobile phone users (instant money transfers)

2011: Digital signature of bank transactions for paperless operation at the Bank’s branches

2008: Online bank with personal assistance and video chat

2005: Smart payment card equipped with chip technology for highest level payment security

1992: Activa, the first Slovenian payment card with a magnetic strip

The development of online banking dates back to 1998, when the online bank for natural persons was launched, then in 2013 it was joined by a mobile bank for natural persons, and a year later by online and mobile banks for business users.

Girl with laptop and mobile phone in hands

Bank development milestones

A new international name and a new business strategy for the bank

2019 - Business Center is moved to Ljubljana

2018 – Start of implementation of the Bank’s new business strategy with a 2021 time perspective

2017 – Renaming of Banka Koper d. d. to Banka Intesa Sanpaolo d. d., entry of Privredna banka Zagreb into the Bank’s ownership structure and preparation for a new commercial start-up

2016 – Development of the Wave2Pay mobile wallet for card payment at points of sale via mobile phone


Development of new mobile services and leasing reorganization

2015 – Development of instant payments at points of sale and instant money transfer services between mobile phone users

2015 – Acquisition of the Finor Leasing subsidiary

2014 – Development of mobile banking for legal entities


Sustainable development and corporate social responsibility

2012 – Establishment of small business enterprise centres and launch of the “360 Degree Sustainable Development Project”

2011 – First green branch, introduction of the digital signature for bank transactions and development of mobile banking services for natural persons

2010 – Establishment of humanitarian aid for elimination of the consequences of natural disasters in Slovenia and education of all employees on the topic of corporate social responsibility


Redesign of the corporate identity and restructure of the organization

2009 – Internal reorganization and establishment of the pilot project for contactless payment with payment cards and mobile phones via the TAP & GO registered trademark

2008 – Redesign of the Bank’s corporate identity modelled on Intesa Sanpaolo, establishment of the “Posluh 100%” project for customer satisfaction monitoring and launch of the first online bank in Slovenia with video chat and loyalty rewards

2007 – Formation of the Intesa Sanpaolo banking group

2006 – New partnerships in the area of small business and business education

2005 – Jubilee celebration for the 50th anniversary of operation and launch of the first smart payment card in Slovenia


Multilayer changes

2004 – Complete spatial redesign of the Koper headquarters and expansion of the branch network

2003 – Transition to transaction accounts and strengthening of investment banking

2002 – Sanpaolo IMI, S.p.A. becomes the Bank’s majority shareholder

2001 – Establishment of the Open-ended Mutual Pension Fund

2000 – Entry into the A listing of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and restructuring of the organization

1998 – Acquisition of M Bank and development of online banking for natural persons


Going forward independently

1997 – The new name, Banka Koper with a new corporate identity and the opening of a branch in Maribor

1996 – Expansion of the branch network into the Slovenian capital and restructuring of the internal organization

1994 – Obtaining the Bank of Slovenia authorization for all banking operations, domestic and foreign

1992 – Independent path of Splošna banka Koper outside the Ljubljanska banka system and development of the first payment card, Activa



1978 – Inclusion in the Ljubljanska Banka – United Banks banking system, as LB Splošna banka Koper

1971 – Kreditna banka Koper, as a commercial investment bank, expands its business network beyond the borders of the Coastal–Karst region

1961 – The Bank is renamed Komunalna Banka Koper and begins to strengthen its own credit potential

1955 – Establishment of Istrska komunalna banka with the purpose of stimulating the regional economy

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