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Get to know our management and supervisory board members

Management and Supervisory board

Management of the bank

Inteso Sanpaolo Bank is distinguished by its multicultural leadership and management at all levels of business.

Management board

  • Jozef Kausich, President
  • Irena Džaković, Member - responsible for the risk management
  • Ivan Ivičić, Member - responsible for the retail business
  • Drago Kavšek, Member - responsible for the SME & Corporate

Supervisory board

  • Giancarlo Miranda, President
  • Alessio Cioni, Deputy President
  • Andrea Pavlović, Member
  • Amina Carnabuci, Member
  • Andrea Tondo, Member
  • Miroslav Halužan, Member
  • Antonio Bergalio, Member

Jozef Kausich, president of the management board

Jozef Kausich, formerly of VUB Bank, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group and the second largest bank in Slovakia, where for many years he was a member of the Management Board and Executive Director of the Corporate Banking Department.

During his term, commercial banking recorded significant achievements, and today VUB Bank is the leading bank in Slovakia in most areas of corporate banking. At that time, he was also a member of the Supervisory Board of VUB Leasing and VUB Factoring. He had previously acquired work experience in various important financial and banking institutions.

In February 2018, Jozef Kausich took office as Chairman of the Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank.

Photo Jozef Kausich

Irena Džaković, member of the management board

She took the position of a member of the Management Board of the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in June 2014. She started her business career at Company 22 d.o.o. in Belgrade, where she covered various business functions.

Shortly after, she entered the banking world, where she has been active since 1997. She has held managerial positions assessing business plans, investment projects and credit proposals for small, medium and large companies and public institutions, assessing credit portfolios of various companies, and assessing risks, recoveries, etc.

Before moving to Slovenia, she worked as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board at the Pravex bank in the Ukraine.

Photo Irena Džaković

Ivan Ivičić, member of the management board

He became a member of the Management Board at Intesa Sanpaolo Bank in Slovenia in July 2017. He started his long-standing banking career in 1996 at the National Bank of Croatia in Zagreb. In 2000, he began work at Privredna Banka Zagreb, a member of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, where he held numerous executive positions in the area of product development and business network expansion.

Between 2007 and 2010, he took on a challenge abroad as Member of the Management Board and Business Director at the Russian subsidiary ZAO Banca Intesa (formerly KMB Bank). He then continued his business career at the International Subsidiary Banks Division head office in Milan, where he covered leading positions in marketing and sales, of card banking development and consumer finance.

Before joining the Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, he managed and coordinated business strategy for the retail and small business segment for 10 subsidiaries within the Division.

Photo Ivan Ivičić

Drago Kavšek, member of the management board

Before joining Intesa Sanpaolo Bank, he was a member of the Management Board for the Financial area at Mercator, where he led the most complex financial restructuring of the company between 2012 and 2016.

Between 2010 and 2012 he was Chairman of the Management Board at Fructal, before which he worked for three years as Head of Finance and Accounting, and he oversaw the financial rebuilding of the company. Between 2001 and 2007 he was employed by Publikum, where he was in charge of Corporate finance.

In 2014, at the Financial Conference, organized by the Finance newspaper and the Ljubljana Stock Exchange, he was presented with the Best Financier of the Year award for his achievements in the restructuring of Mercator.

Since July 2017 he has been a member of the Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo Bank for the area of corporate banking.

Photo Drago Kavšek

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